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    The Village of Eclance



    “If you don't know Éclance, you won't know France”, is the saying many an Éclarist will tell you.  We certainly hope that a stay at La Ferme des Tourterelles will give you the opportunity to become involved in the french way of life.



    Éclance is a gaulois name signifying ‘a clearing in the centre of forests’.  The clearing may be rather bigger than when this name was coined and is now a small rural community nestling amongst the fields as well as forests.  In the 13th and 14th centuries, Éclance reached a certain importance and by the 16th century hosted two large fairs.   It boasted it's own fromagerie, though unfortunately this stopped production in 1980.   La Ferme des Tourterelles, like many of the farms around us; used to be a mixed farm, rearing cattle for beef and planting various crops in rotation in the fields.   


    La Ferme des Tourterelles is set beside a road that dates back to Roman times.  During  the 1st and 2nd World Wars, our farmhouse was occupied by the American medical corps and by the German army respectively.  For some twenty years or so the farm fell into disrepair until we started our renovation in June 2003, bringing life back into the lovely limestone buildings.   


    Our renovation work is still ongoing whilst we convert the other barns into further accommodation, but we think you will find this work of interest rather than detracting from your stay with us


    For a small community Éclance boasts a very active social life.  Virtually every month some sort of get together is organised and it has been made clear to us that our guests will be very welcome and in fact positively encouraged to attend.   Éclance has its own forest and hunting lodge which provides the base for many a happy evening sat around the fire place (which dominates the centre of the room) in the winter.  In addition the Place des Ancien Combatents at the centre of the village close to the large village pond, is the location for many of the summer events.


    A typical programme of village events:


    January        :    Les Gallettes des Rois (Frangipane tarts and wine)

    February      :    Village carnival and Gaufres night

    March          :    Games evening

    April            :    Mountain Bike Raid 20km, 40km, 60km circuits

    May             :    Village party; Bar-B-Que and stalls during the day, meal and dancing at night

    June            :    School childrens party and show

    July             :    14th July 12 hour celebration, spit roast and games during the day followed by meal and fireworks at night           

    September   :    Village walk

                       :    Vide Grenier

    October       :    Halloween procession and evening party

                       :    Beaujolais Nouveau celebration

    December    :    Santa Claus present giving to the children, champagne & cakes for the adults

                       :    New Years celebration


    Invariably these events tend to revolve around or end up with food and drink, most celebrations being accompanied by the sound of many a champagne cork and animated conversation!